Lucky Cat

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A stamp with a cats UV printed on a polyester material, with a matching satin case.

It is said that the "lucky fortune cat" will bring luck from a long time ago. Choose your stamp face from (Name only/ No Design) or (Kaji name with Design) for the stamp face.\

Item Details: Length 60mm・Stamp face diameter 12mm
Shipping: Within 3 business days after purchase confirmed.


【How to Order】

Option ❶: Convert your name into Kanji Name (free)
Option ❷: Convert your name into Katakana Name (free) next to Alphabet name
Option ❸: Convert your name into Hiragana Name (free) next to Alphabet name
Option ❹: Select your favorite design from 1〜5. Your name translated in Kanji will be placed in the middle.
*Please choose 6 for no design and choose different option from ❶〜❸ from above.


猫 Lucky Cat

2. 春 Spring
3. 夏 Summer
4. 秋 Fall
5. 冬 Winter
6. デザイン無し No Design


※Comes with red ink


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