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Have you seen a stamp more sacred than this Crystal one? This item will naturally fit into your hands, while shining through rays of light when stamping onto paper.

The natural cuts of the stone is kept which makes it something unique that nobody has every seen before.

"Suisho" meaning Crystal Stone in Japan holds a message of good luck to your family and company.
Select a lucky letter from below to come in the middle of the rock. Enter any type of words (name, family, company name, date etc.) to come above and below.
We have selected a couple of very lucky Japanese letters to wish everyone luck and happiness to come in the middle.

HOW TO ORDER: Select one lucky letter to come in the middle.
Enter any type of words (name, family, company name, date etc.) to come above and below. (Max 20 letters)

ITEM DETAILS: Height 100mm~130mm・Stamp face Dimention 30mm~40mm
※Size may vary due to natural crystal material.

Shipping: Within 4 weeks after purchase.

【This product comes with everything you need to start stamping.】
◆ Ink
We promise a high quality stamp color with this ink made from a mixture of water plants and organic pigment.
◆ Stamp Pad
Covered with dried bamboo skin that craftsmen have prepared. Used to stamp the perfect shape.
◆ Japanese Washi Paper
This spectial paper goes excellent with the ink. Made locally in Yamanashi prefecture.


Select ONE letter to come in the middle.Choose from category and number from below.

Work and Success 1. 拡 Hiro Expanding, spreading, widening
2. 勝 Katsu Winner, victory, superior, excellent.
3. 輝 Kagayaki Shining, beaming, glowing.
4. 富 Tomi Abundant, rich, prosperity.
Love and Good Fate 1. 愛 Ai Love, admire, affectionate
2. 満 Michiru To be full of something, satisfied, gratify, plentiful.
3. 縁 En fate, karma, bond, connection, relate
4. 逢 Au meet, come across, encounter
Friendship and Trust 1. 情 Jyo emotions, feelings, sentiment, sympathy
2. 結 Yui connect, join, union, conclude, a closing
3. 信 shin sincerity, faithful, truth, honesty
4. 絆 kizuna connection, link, bond, alliance
Birth and prosperity 1. 産 San Birth a child, born, make, build
2. 慈 Itsukusimi love, affectionate, tenderly
3. 福 fuku happy, joy, help from above
4. 蘇 yomigaeri revive, brought back to life


【Shipping Policy】

We are responsible for packaging and shipping the product.
Shipping overseas will be done by airmail using UPS or EMS.
Delivery times vary depending on the region, but generally it will be delivered to the customer within 5 to 14 days.

However, in rare cases may need import tax fees, customs inspection fees, or storage charge fees.
Please note that those fees will be charged to you in addition.
To track your package, we will notify you by email of the shipping company and tracking number after the item has been shipped.
Please check the tracking form of each company.
Please note that the package may be delivered to your front door, depending on your area.


※For a fully custom order, please contact us from the contact form your order details. We will normally get back to you in a few days. Please make sure you have your correct email address entered so we can reply as soon as possible.