Natural Wood

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Leaving the natural wood tones like Sakura, Ume, Kaede trees.
The stamp face design's inspiration came from old roof tiles of traditional Japanese housings.
Shokunin (a master in craft) will then handwrite a lucky word that you can choose from.

【How to Order】

Choose your favorite word design from 1〜6.
Once your order is through Shokunin will handcraft your stamp from scratch.

Item Details: Length approximately 150mm・Thickness 30mm~60mm
Stamp Diameter 30mm~50mm(May vary depending on wood size due to natural material)

Shipping: Within 4 weeks after purchase.

【This product comes with everything you need to start stamping.】
◆ Ink
We promise a high quality stamp color with this ink made from a mixture of water plants and organic pigment.
◆ Stamp Pad
Covered with dried bamboo skin that craftsmen have prepared. Used to stamp the perfect shape.
◆ Japanese Washi Paper
This special paper goes excellent with the ink. Made locally in Yamanashi prefecture.

※Please note this is a sample. May differ from product.

≪6 Special Words≫

1. 温故知新 "ON-KO-CHI-SHIN" Trying to find a guide into tomorrow by taking lessons from the past.
2. 大願成就 "DAI-GAN-JYO-JYU" The attainment of one's cherished [heart's] desire.
3. 風林火山 "FU-RIN-KA-ZAN" As fast as the wind, as quiet as the forest, as daring as fire, and as immovable as the mountain. (Famous quote from movie)
4. 福徳円満 "FUKU-TOKU-EN-MAN" Being perfectly happy and prosperous, wealth and happiness is with you.
5. 勇猛果敢 "YU-MO-KA-KAN" Daring and resolute, great in decision making.
6. 和気致祥 "KAKI-WAKI-CHI-SHO" An calm heart and mind will bring happiness.

【Shipping Policy】

Harada Shokodo will responsibly pack and send out your item, which then Yamato Transport Co. will carry to the airport. From there, your package will be exported from Japan via airmail and imported to you country by UPS.
Will be delivered to your place generally by 5-10 days.
However, in rare cases may need import tax fees, customs inspection fees, or storage charge fees. Please note that those fees will be charged to you in addition.
An email regarding your tracking number will be sent to you once the package is sent. Please check from the UPS tracking form.
Please note that the package may be delivered to your front door, depending on your area.