Business Use Stamp for register and bank (with case)

Tax included.
Carving Style

Custom Text

Custom Text (UP)

A formal stamp for business and company use.

Select your carving method between a considerably precise machine carve, or a beautiful hand carve by a professional craftsman.
Every piece comes in a leather case.

Enter your custom text to come in the middle in [CUSTOM TEXT], and in [CUSTOM TEXT (UP)] enter your custom text like your company name that will come around the middle.

Machine carved: Within 3 business days after purchase.
Hand carved: Within 7 business days after purchase.

《Material Detail》

1. Boxwood Carefully selected boxwood that grows in Kagoshima Prefecture. Suitable for subtle and fine carving.
2. Agni 3.Black Agni Specially processed birch material from Hokkaido. With its' precise measurement and accuracy, this material will not deform easily.
4. Hard Maple/ 5.Hard Maple(Black) Penetrated with harmless resin on Canadian Hard Maple so it will not deform or chip easily. Easy to carve so the finished result is beautiful.
6. Saika This durable birch from North America is fine textured and is very solid.

All piece comes with a leather case.

【Shipping Policy】

Harada Shokodo will responsibly pack and send out your item, which then Yamato Transport Co. will carry to the airport. From there, your package will be exported from Japan via airmail and imported to you country by UPS.
Will be delivered to your place generally by 5-10 days.

However, in rare cases may need import tax fees, customs inspection fees, or storage charge fees. Please note that those fees will be charged to you in addition.
An email regarding your tracking number will be sent to you once the package is sent. Please check from the UPS tracking form.
Please note that the package may be delivered to your front door, depending on your area.