Protection Stamp

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This stamp has a special meaning to protect family and companies.
In the middle of the boxwood is an auspicious word in Japanese. Shokunin (a master in craft) will then handwrite your names and dates above and below that word.

Item details: Height 60mm/ Diameter (Square) 54mm/ Diameter (Circle) 60mm
Shipping: Within 4 weeks after purchase.

【This product comes with everything you need to start stamping.】
◆ Ink
We promise a high quality stamp color with this ink made from a mixture of water plants and organic pigment.
◆ Stamp Pad
Covered with dried bamboo skin that craftsmen have prepared. Used to stamp the perfect shape.
◆ Japanese Washi Paper
This spectial paper goes excellent with the ink. Made locally in Yamanashi prefecture.

【How to order】

Please select 1 lucky letter from below. You can insert free text on above and below. (Numbers and alphabets only/ 12 letters per each)

《Words and their meanings》

1. 疫病退散 "EKI-BYO-TAI-SAN" Protection from plague, spreading diseases and evil.
2. 五穀豊穣 "GO-KOKU-HO-JYO" Bringing national prosperity and a huge harvest.
3. 子孫繁栄 "SHI-SON-HAN-EI" Blessed with many offsprings.
4. 商売繁盛 "SHO-BAI-HAN-JO" Thriving (prosperous) business and big wealth.
5. 天下泰平 "TEN-KA-TAI-HEI" The country, the world rejoicing in peace. Peace has come and there is nothing to worry about.
6. 無病息災

"MU-BYO-SOKU-TAI" Healthy, no illness, perfect state of health.


【Shipping Policy】

We are responsible for packaging and shipping the product.
Shipping overseas will be done by airmail using UPS or EMS.
Delivery times vary depending on the region, but generally it will be delivered to the customer within 5 to 14 days.

However, in rare cases may need import tax fees, customs inspection fees, or storage charge fees.
Please note that those fees will be charged to you in addition.
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