"Hanko" is a tube shaped item that has your name carved on it. You put red ink on it and stamp on to paper.

It has been used traditionally in Japan for a very long time, and many industries are a part of it.

"Hanko" originates back in Mesopotamia era, more than 600 years before even the history of letters.

In Japan, Hanko Shops were born around 1600s in Edo era and spread over the country. Time passed and in 1873, a law was made to 'press hanko on any legal documents' and it became more common for ordinary people to use hanko. Currently, Hanko is still used in situations like contracts and important life events as a signature.

Therefore, "Hanko" is something very special that expresses ones approval. Every single person has their very own Hanko, and it is more like their logo mark.

In Japan, everyone must submit their hanko to the local government office. So that registrated hanko is their only verification. Therefore in times when you need to fill in important contracts, hanko is a necessity.

Now that you know the importance of hanko in Japan, wouldn't you like to make one your very own hanko as well? We recommend hanko to anyone interested in Japanese culture, or for a present to close ones.

It won't take any space, and is practical as well. Press your hanko at the end of a letter or next to your signature on your artwork, or anything is fine! Hanko will definitely make anything eye catching.

Especially in times like this where digital is everything, why not make that extra effort to stamp your name for a bit of warmth.